Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 31-I'm Not in Kansas Anymore....or This Dress!

The Dress, Top: J. Crew, Shoes: Bruno Magli, Basket: Longaberger, Toto: Webkinz

Well,  this is IT! The last day of the October Dress Project, and what better way to go out than in costume? I hope to have a ODP recap for you by tomorrow, until then....Happy Trick-or-Treat Day!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 30-Treats and Blessings

The Dress, Blazer: Thrifted, Scarf: Target, Tights: No nonsense, Boots: Steve Madden

Shark Costume: Target

What a blessing it was to attend the trick-or-treat parade at my son's preschool today. My husband and my parents were able to join in on the fun too. I am so thankful for a flexible schedule that allows me to do fun things like this with my littles. As much as having a full time job would help us financially, this is so much more important and I love the way God reminds me of this during something as simple as a trick-or- treat parade! Bonus: we get to do it again tomorrow and your's truly is dressing the dress of coarse! Stay tuned :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 29-Selfishness

It's day 29 of the dress project,  and just the beginning of a yearlong spending freeze. I am being reminded daily why the ODP and the 12X12 Project couldn't have come at a better time.

Although this is the third time I have participated in the Dress Project, this is the first time it has really hit home how selfish I have been over the years. The past two years, the ODP has been a month long freeze, and I went back to my closet really appreciating what I had, but then old spending habits took over again. I fell into the trap of buying things because I thought I couldn't live without them, I swipe my debit card without a care in the world, and I spend money on "stuff" that could be used for something so much greater.

This time, I vow to be changed beyond the 31 days. I want to believe that less really is more!

I want to be thrilled with the gifts that I have right here under this roof, and oh how many gifts I have. I want to be satisfied with less, and spend more time with those that matter. I want to be creative with family activities and date nights, finding ways to entertain without draining our bank account. The word simplify keeps coming to mind...(I can't believe I am typing this!) I pray that God gives me the strength to stay on track, and takes the selfish desires away from me so that I am fully open to the gifts that I already have. I wanted to share a song with you and just listening will make you joyful, I promise! It is time for me to look up, and keep looking up....come on my soul!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 28-Layers

The Dress, Blazer: Banana Republic, Scarf: Loft, Bag: ?, Pumps: Nine West

Four more days to go, and I can finally add some layers! Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 27-Get me OUT of This DRESS!

The Dress, Tank: J. Crew, Leggings: Ella Moss , Shoes: Puma,
Necklace: Stella & Dot

I promise I am not loosing sight of the big picture, but I had to wear this thing to the soccer field and to Sea World today. Let me just say, this dress is NOT good for that much casual. But I did it! I was glad I did as I ran into ODP followers at the soccer field AND at Sea World. YES among hundreds of thousands of people, I ran into my friend Carrie at Sea World! How crazy is that? Here's to staying true to the dress for 4 more days! :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 26-Bobby Socks

The Dress, Scarf: Loft, Earrings: Stella & Dot, Cameo Ring: Saks, Booties: Seychelles,
Bobby Socks: American Apparel

According to Wikipedia,  A bobby sock is a type of sock that was especially fashionable in the 1940s and 1950s. Bobby socks had thick uppers that were turned down to form sort of a thick cuff at ankle height. They were sometimes worn by girls as part of a school uniform. They were popular to wear with saddle shoes, loafers, or Oxfords.
According to Cathy, A bobby sock is a type of sock that goes great with booties and the October dress. Unleashing my final sparks of creativity nearing the dress project end, I wanted to throw in something I haven't I thought why not socks? And how easy is it to throw on a colorful scarf? Looks as if we are going to finally get a cool breeze next week, just in time to finish off the project with the layering possibilities I have have been longing for! Enjoy your Friday! 

Oh and P.S. FIVE more days!!!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 25-Blustery

The Dress, Top: Marshalls' clearance rack (years ago!),
Watch: Michael Kors, Shoes: Guess, Bag: Kate Spade

Sunnies: Marc Jacobs, Earrings: m. marie boutique

As you can see, the wind did wonders for my hair today. The awkward alley photo shoot doubled in awkwardness trying keep my dress from blowing up. I wanted to share my verse of the day with you today, because it goes right along with what has been revealed to me through this project.

Instead, God chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And He chose things that are powerless to shame those who are powerful. 1 Corinthians 1:27

So for all of those that have looked at me like I have two heads after telling them about the dress project, He is using it. Something as silly and powerless as a dress.....has become a platform to share His work in my life. Over the past 25 days, I have really poured my all into this, in more ways than just choosing accessories and traveling everywhere with my camera and tripod.  I have carved out time and have committed to prayer and reading his word. It is changing me. It is sustaining me in a world where I am easily distracted and knocked of coarse. My brokenness is becoming beautiful, a journey that with His help,  I will continue on even without the dress!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 24-"Countryfied"

The Dress, Top: Elizabeth & James, Shoes: BCBG, Necklace & Ring: Stella & Dot,
Bracelet: Gift from Courtney

It's day 24, can I get a Yee Haw??? I love this top but it always reminds me of a picnic tablecloth, and tying it up definitely adds a "countryfied" flare. I can't believe I only have six more days in this dress. It has gone by pretty quick I must say. I am excited to get back into my closet, but I am also nervous that temptation is going to start creeping. With the dress I have no choice, I must wear the dress. But out of the dress....I hope that I don't start to struggle with wants again. So far so good, so I will keep on keeping on.

I did get a little treat today, my bracelet from The Hunger Site that I will be wearing throughout November. It amazed me how excited I got over something that I would not have thought twice about purchasing prior to the 12X12 Project. It's actually refreshing to be jazzed over the little things, and oh how much more I appreciated opening that package!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 23-Newsworthy

The Dress, Necklace: Tiffany & Co., BagL Elliott Lucca, Belt: Francesca's,
Shoes: Steve Madden

Watch: Michele, Bracelet: Stella & Dot

So far, day 23 has been the most fun of all! It started off at MOPs where we heard an amazing message by Pastor Mark Bedwell. Then it was off to the park for interviews with News Channel 8. I was so excited when my amazing friend and news anchor,  Jennifer Leigh, contacted me after seeing the October Dress Project on my Facebook page. Tonight, a story will be running at 7pm featuring my sweet girlfriends, our mission, and of coarse...our dresses! Even better, we had the opportunity to share the 12X12 Project as well. God is really good and we are thrilled that our mission, and wearing a dress for 31 days really IS newsworthy! ;)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 22-I'm Back!

The Dress, Scarf: Banana Republic, Belt: J. Crew, Shoes: Nike

It's so good to be back! Spending the weekend at Tres Dias was the most amazing experience I have ever had. There really is no way to describe it other than I felt so very loved, and I have finally grasped the truth of God's grace. He loves me unconditionally, not expecting anything in return but my love. I can't spill too much because it would ruin the surprise for future Tres Dias attendees. Not knowing much made the weekend so much more meaningful to me, and I completely understand now why they want to keep it that way. I met so many dear friends, and I am excited to be a part of this community for support, love, and encouragement!

As far as the dress, it is getting much closer to the end and I am SO looking forward to wearing something else in my closet. I haven't really been tempted to buy anything, other than my bracelet from  The Hunger Site which I will wear all of next month in support of the 12 X 12 Project. My purchase bought 50 cups of food, now that felt good! I hope your week is off to a fantastic start.  :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 18-Part Two

The Dress, Belt: Anthropology, Necklaces: My Grana's, Leggings: c/o no nonsense,
Flats: Tory Burch

Cameo Ring: Saks

You won't be hearing from me for the next three days. I know you will be hanging in suspense....ha ha. I am attending Tres Dias, a weekend retreat. Please be in prayer for me, as I know that God has something very special planned. My husband went last weekend, so I am excited to see what this is all about. He wasn't able to tell me much, but I know that it was one of the most amazing weekends he has ever had! As for the dress, pictures aren't possible as we won't have our technology. It will be interesting to see how I do without my phone for three days. I look forward to filling you in when I get back, have a wonderful weekend!

Day 18-The 12 X 12 Project, A Year to Change The World

Thanks to my amazing, talented, super sweet photographer friend, Rachel Absher, I am sharing a few pictures from our October Dress Project photo shoot! I know I have mentioned the 12 X 12 project before, but I wanted to share the press release with you that went out this morning!


The 12 X 12 Project
A Year to Change the World

LAKELAND, FL, OCTOBER 18, 2012- A group of Lakeland mothers have decided to embark on a yearlong endeavor to live simply, purchase fairly, and tell others around them about the injustices that exist in our modern age. They feel this journey will challenge and show others that one person can make a difference. Close to 75 local ladies have already committed to the project.

Inspired by Jen Hatmaker's book "7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess," the 12X12 Project is a one-year journey to bring twelve different social justice issues to light through monthly meetings, fundraising campaigns, and by wearing the same outfit from each organization all month long. A group of the ladies kicked off the yearlong endeavor by participating in the October Dress Project, where they wear the same dress for 31 days. “This is the third year that I have participated in the October Dress Project”, said Cathy Hayes. “It inspired me to start blogging, and to be more creative with what I already have in my closet.” There are a total of 25 Lakeland moms participating in the October Dress Project this year.

The 12x12 project is a year of living intentionally. Each month the ladies will highlight specific injustices, needs, and causes. They will give their time through outreaches and hands-on activities, and they will give their voices through monthly gatherings, social media, blogging, and anywhere else they can talk about it. Each clothing item or accessory they wear will be tied to the cause for the month. For example: In October the focus is Uganda. Their dresses or accessories came from a Ugandan company that gives employment to local women.

To top it off, they are saying no to frivolous spending. They will not shop for themselves for the entire year unless it's a serious need. “It started as an idea. One that seemed quite silly and pointless in my small, full-of-doubt mind,” said Ida Mundell, co-coordinator of MOPS at First Baptist Church at the Mall. “But now God is using this, HIS idea and I am thankful that He will use someone like me to bring glory to His name.”

About the 12 X 12 Project
The 12X12 Project is a one-year endeavor to bring twelve different social justice issues to light through monthly meetings, fundraising campaigns, and wearing the same outfit/accessory from each organization, each month, for twelve months. For more information visit:

# # #