Friday, December 31, 2010

What a Happy Birthday!

What a happy day! 35 is looking pretty good so far! The hubs, kids, and I are in TN in a beautiful cabin. They took me to a pancake breakfast this morning then dropped me off at the spa! No wifi for sorry for the posting delay and lack of photos! They are soon to come!!! Tonight the plan is to put on my dress and hit the town. Well as much hitting as I can do with 4 children!! Hahaha! Over 100 Facebook messages have brightened my day, and voicemail messages from a friend in 4 different personalities really made it special! I have to say my heart is full! I wish I could stay like this, with my family and no interruptions of busy life!!! I miss home, but love the laid back, special time with my family! I am soaking it up and I could not ask for more!!!! Cheers, and Happy New Year!!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Deal With It!

I'm getting deep on you today, sorry. I have a hurt from a past betrayal. I am sure many have been there and I won't get into specifics for now. Some time has passed but it still creeps up on me. When someone asks me "well, have you dealt with it?", I think to myself what does it mean to "deal" with something. Honestly, I don't know. I don't think "dealing" with something means that you are healed. See to me it isn't "dealing" with it, it's making a choice. A daily choice to accept what happened to me, and move on. But that healing could take a long time. Especially if it is a deep betrayal. I don't know why but this morning while running, I was pounding the pavement thinking about the betrayal that I went through. It felt so good just to be mad. Sometimes I really want the offenders to hurt, and then I ask myself, what would Jesus think about that? I am sure that would break his heart. Sometimes I question how we are supposed to accept things because we know that is what He would want us to do. I guess that is why we have to ask him for strength daily. Anyway, the next time someone asks me if I have "dealt" with answer will be no...but I made a choice, and I have to pray and remind myself of that each day to keep myself going!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Beautiful DAY!

What a beautiful day! I found this khaki dress in the very back of my closet! What a surprise! Then using Sydney's scarf and belt tutorial I made it FUN! I love The Daybook! I found her through another favorite blogger of mine, Keira! These girls inspire me! So many ideas, and so much creativity! I LOVE it! I am now a certified fashion blog groupie! :)

So the goal still fit in the dress after the holidays. So much sugar and snacky snacks over the last few weeks combined with limited time to run makes for a possible problem! I have decided I am NOT going to go without, so I figure one sweet a day is my limit! Can I stick to it? We shall see!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

In LOVE with Jones Design Company!

I am totally in love with Jones Design Company! What an inspiration! Check out these amazing gift tags that you can download from her site for free! I am loving the special touch these are adding to my gifts!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

For the Fun of it!

Being a Florida girl, I do not own a ton of winter clothes. This is why layering comes in to play very often! Today, my choice was rather boring until I threw on a few key accessories! This goes to show you that with a little color and some fun jewelry even your most boring shirt and sweater can be fun and happy!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Closet Renovation, The After!

I am really excited to say this project is done! Although I do not have the closet of my dreams, I did my best to make it functional with the tiny space that I have! I cleared off top shelves for my hats, put a purse rack on the back of my door, bought additional shoe racks, put my boots in my pull out drawers, and clutches in a small basket on top. I am making it a priority to put things away immediately, to hang up items before they pile on the floor, and return shoes to the proper area! I am sure that you can agree, this is a HUGE improvement! :)

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Closet Renovation!

I am motivated now more than ever to maximize my closet space. After 30 days in the same dress, it's time to get ready to roll out the un-used fashion! I have a small closet, and when I say small...I mean small! When we bought our house 7 years ago, we were coming from a TINY apartment. We did not take into consideration the total LACK of closet space! Although I am very grateful, I am limited in space. Here are a few before shots...lets see what I can do. I can't believe that I am sharing these, but this is the true mess I am in! If you have any tips PLEASE chime in! I need all of the help I can get!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Cute Boots!

I could not resist letting you in on this sweet deal! I bought these yesterday at Sam's Club of all places! Suede boots in taupe by MIA, they also have black! They are super comfy and under $40.00! That's what I love about Sam's...groceries for them, new boots for me! :)

Friday, December 03, 2010

Workin' IT

Today I am working it! 3 mile run this morning followed by a meeting and now an afternoon photo shoot in downtown Lakeland! I love a simple blazer, and HOT accessories! Makes the simplest look of jeans and a white shirt feel so much more glamourous! This blazer is a find from Gap. I paired it with a Banana Republic white button down, and my Stella & Dot Byblos necklace!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December 1st: JUMP for JOY!

For those of you who asked what I would wear on my 1st day out of the dress, here you GO! I am jumping for joy!

Top: Banana Republic
Skirt: Nick & Mo, Ivy & Me
Belt: Target
Brown tights: Marshalls
Boots: Michael Antonio, Piperlime
Jewelry: Stella & Dot
Shades: Tom Ford