Thursday, March 05, 2009

Staying ALIVE..ah ah ah ah Staying Alive!!

Okay so this full time mom thing is working out, but I have to say that I miss working so much! I am doing my best to keep up with things in the meantime because I fear being lost in the dust with all of the latest and greatest happening in PR. I think it is totally okay to just be a mom. But my hope is that keeping myself in the loop will help tremendously when I am ready to start working again! How cool would it be to have a client that focuses on the "MOM" business! Right up my ally! So I am tweeting on a regular basis now and you can follow me at I don't even have to read the paper or watch the news! It comes directly to me...BAM! Instantly...more so that EVER I realizing how everything is that way now. Everyone wants things in an instant, and no one wants to wait! Long ago were the days of waiting weeks even months for a letter that would update us. Now we just hop on a computer or our cell phones and find out what we need to know with a couple of clicks! No wonder so many people have patience issues! With that said, I am going to be patient, love on my children, and be the best mom I can be until the timing is right! By then maybe I will be ready to do something GREAT!