Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tips for "Work at Home" Moms

As the school year comes to an end, most "Work at Home" moms are wondering how they will get ANY work done with a houseful of children! I have listed some tips that help me as a full time "Work at Home" mom with four children!

1. Scheduling is a must with my children! I try to make sure that things happen around the same time each day so that I can plan my phone calls/meetings around nap time. I also plan work time in the mornings during my daughter’s favorite morning cartoons. The baby naps around that time as well so that gives me a good hour. I know that they will take at least a two hour afternoon nap so that gives me a good bit of quiet time to get work done.

2. Solicit help. I have a few college girls that I can call for help if I have a meeting or event to attend. My mother is a great resource as well if I need extra help while working on a project.

3. Make time to play. As mothers we tend to feel guilty for putting work ahead of the family. I make sure to schedule in play time during the day so that I can just enjoy my children and give them my undivided attention.

4. Plan activities for older children. With older children it is a bit easier. When they are old enough, you can plan quiet activities in their rooms or fun outside games to keep them busy while you are working. Set aside time frames during the day that you will work and explain to the older children that during those times you are NOT to be disturbed for anything other than an emergency. Then during the unscheduled work times make sure to do something fun with them!

5. Include them in your job! Give them little projects such as filing, shredding paper, making copies, stuffing envelopes etc. This makes them feel important and needed and gives them something to do!

Moms need to know that there is a balance! If they love to work they can, and STILL do their most important job…which is Mother!