Friday, May 31, 2013

Yes, Weekend!

Friday is such a wonderful day of the week. The challenges of work, getting to school on time, and the pure busyness slows down.....for some. This weekend my daughters and I are dancing queens. This year is the 35th Anniversary of Mamie's School of Dance. I was invited back to do a little number in the recital tomorrow night with some of my original Circle M Clogger team members.

Yes, I clogged....have your laugh.

But it took me many places such as Disney, Dollywood, The Stomping Grounds in Maggie Valley, NC, and more! How fun it was to dance with everyone again last night, all with Mamie up front and in charge again. Why did I ever quit? We are headed off to rehearsal, recap soon!

Have a great weekend! XO

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I'm pretty sure this outfit is a repeat. I didn't take the time to go through the blog to check, or iron the shorts, if I can be completely honest. These shorts are great but they are that wrinkle material that only looks good before washing, you have to know what I am talking about. There is no iron that can reclaim their original appeal.

An update on the shop fast, no purchases yet! I am nearing the end of my 8th month. I had some temptation before heading to the beach last weekend. A new hat was calling my name, but I made use of what I had and it didn't kill me. My trips to Target are less and less, and my couponing and budget shopping skills have increased. My prayer is to keep focus when the light turns green in October! :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beach Bliss

After two weekends away in a row, I guess you could say my summer vacation has begun! I had a terrible time focusing on work this morning while my mind kept drifting back to the sun, sand, and friends.

This past weekend was our 8th annual Memorial Day trip to Hutchinson Island. I can't tell you how much this group of friends means to me. Although we live miles apart and may only see each other a few times a year, we always pick up where we left off! It is like one big family. I laughed more than I have in a long time, and I needed it.

The older that I get, the more I realize and cherish the true friendships in my life. I am so grateful for friends that are there for me no matter the distance. I love that they are honest with me, communicate with me, and call me out when I need it. I love that we can laugh together, cry together, and support each other. I am truly blessed.

Best of all, was time away with my husband who hasn't had a day off since he started his new job! I think I had a little post-getaway depression when he wasn't here to wake up with me this morning. The adjustment of his new job has still been really stressful for us. Especially him. But we are thankful in the midst of the craziness because God provided for us, and protected us. The gift list goes on.......

1000 Gifts
237. Balconies filled with friends
238. Rivers
239. Watermelon
240. BBQ on the beach
241. Grilled corn on the cob
242. Tents in the sand
243. Beach chairs and coozies
244. The smell of salt water in the air
245. Freedom
246. Soldiers
247. A cool dip in the pool
248. Boom boxes and dance parties
249. Human pyramids
250. Long rides and good talks
251. Craziness

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Costumes, Conch Shells, and Coffee Talk

I had the pleasure of getting away this past weekend with a few of my very best friends. In true silliness, we surprised the birthday girl, who just so happens to have a little obsession with playing dress up. We put on our best 80s dancewear, jumped out of the car to the beat of Maniac, and gave her a Flashdance flash mob! We then headed to Little Gasparilla Island for some relaxing girl time, (costumes and all)! 

In my opinion, we shouldn't take life so seriously all of the time. We need to be silly, we need to cut up, we need to laugh at ourselves. I came home refreshed, and most of all thankful. Oh...and I have been adding to my gift list as you will see below!

1000 Gifts
196. Slumber parties
197. Girlfriend gab sessions
198. Midnight snacks
199. Cozy couches
200. Toddler foot rubs
201. Trophies
202. Baseball games
203. Being a closet clean out recipient
204. Free Stella & Dot
205. Breakfast for dinner
206. Mother's Day songs
207. Muffins
208. Hand painted pictures
209. Breakfast in bed
210. Gardenias
211. Big splashes
212. Lounge chairs
213. Smells coming from a hot grill
214. Chocolate cakes
215. Warm towels on wet skin
216. Sunset serenade from my son
217. Legacies
218. Beautifully decorated sushi rolls
219. Water so clear you can see to the bottom
220. Waking up with breakfast smells coming from the kitchen
221. Coffee talks
222. Sunshine and Summertime
223. Turvis tumblers
224. Baby lips
225. Coolers
227. Orange hats
228. Sunscreen
229. Flip Flops
230. Swimsuits and cover ups
231. Being mistaken for a mermaid (funny story)
232. Helpers
233. Bright orange shells
234. Boats
235. Sweet Kindergarteners
236. Compliments

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Is May the New December?

A picture of my Mother's Day afternoon!
My Fantastic Four!! 

My amazing Mother! 

Someone said the other day that May is the new December and I totally agree. Between awards ceremonies, end of the year parties, graduations, performances, recitals, etc....we have been running crazy. I had some time to slow down on Mother's Day and I am so thankful for that. After having breakfast in bed followed by a great sermon at church, my husband and brother made dinner for us. Meanwhile I lounged by the pool, a perfect day. The weather has been absolutely beautiful here to top it off!

I am so thankful to be a mother, and to celebrate my mother. I don't know what I would do without her. When we talked about moving closer to my husband's new job.....the thought of not being 20 minutes away from her was crippling. She and my dad are there for us whenever we need them. They have been so very helpful during this time of transition. When we were down to one car, and on days when I need help picking the kids up to get them to dance, T-ball, and more. 

I know I sound like a broken record, but this shop fast has taught me so much about appreciating the little things. Don't get me wrong, I still salivate over the latest J. Crew and Nordstrom catalogs...but I have something that I didn't in the past, control. I also feel satisfied and I really do appreciate all that I have. The few little freebies I have snagged along the way have sure helped lesson the sting...but if I was shopping, I don't think I would have found such joy in these small things. I am glad that I can see that now. Oh and guess who got new bathing suits for Mother's Day??? I am so excited! :) 

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Big Time Blessed

Some days are a struggle, and some days I can't stop counting the ways I am blessed. My life is never without bumps and distractions, but this evening as I sit quietly waiting on my husband to come home from work, I feel so very blessed.

Yesterday a sweet friend called and asked if I was home, she was dropping off some dresses that she had cleaned out of her closet. I was thrilled to have anything that she owned, but as I started trying them on I almost fainted. Four or five Diane von Furstenberg dresses, were among the mix. Let me just say, Diane is a favorite of mine. But I have NEVER had the pleasure of owning one of her pieces. What a thrill! There was a beautiful Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein, and BCBG also. I mean, does it get any better than that on a shop fast?

Well it does! Last week I hosed a Stella & Dot party. My super sweet friends came and placed orders rewarding me with almost $400.00 in free Stella & Dot merchandise.  Even my friend Aimee with Chiffon Chronicles out in Colorado placed an online order, so great! I am sure she feels for me as she went through a yearlong shop fast before I even considered it. I chose a HUGE weekend getaway bag, a pair of earrings, and two necklaces. I still have more credits to use!

Well believe it or gets better, and this time not because of free stuff, but because of pure love from my little man. I had the pleasure of attending a Mother's Day breakfast at his preschool this morning, where I was serenaded and served muffins and coffee. Now I can honestly does NOT get better than this!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Totally swooning over these Nanette Lapore swim suits! They are perfect for those of us (me) that are transitioning from a bikini to one piece. These are still great for sunning, flattering, and modestly sexy! Since I am not shopping right now my transitioning will have to wait until next summer. But for those of you that are looking for a suit with a bit more coverage that will ease you into a one piece in style, these get my vote! I found them on!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Spring Fever

The past couple of days I have stood in my closet and felt an overwhelming desire to shop. I haven't felt tempted much at all over the past seven months, so this HAS to be what they call spring fever.

spring fever
A feeling of restlessness, excitement, or laziness brought on by the coming of spring.

My specific desire is to have something new. I lack nothing, but this desire to sport something new has definitely been creeping. SO-in my best defense mode I dug to the depths of my shoe rack, which is stacked in such a way that my dresses cover it. Unless I take the time to dig, I forget what's there and go to what is in sight. To my delight, I found these Charles David gladiators that I haven't worn in forever. Instantly, the desire to find something new was replaced by finding something I didn't know I had. Same story with these white J. Crew capri pants that I purchased last summer! So there you have it, a new to me outfit! Crisis averted :)