Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Guilty...of Blog Neglect!

Things have been so crazy over the holidays that I have totally neglected the blog!With that said, I can't fail to blog about the wonderful event that I had the priviledge of handeling publicity for! P2(Power in Purity) and Battle for Honor! This conference focused on the importance of sexual purity, a lost art in these days! Eric and Leslie Ludy were the guest speakers and we had over 1100 teens and their parents attending! The Joy FM was AWESOME and gave us TONS of air time! We were able to bring guests in from all over the state! We have had tons of positive feedback and my husband and I got so much out of this conference as well! What an honor to be on this committee of Godly, passionate people!

Hayes Communications is still in "mommy" mode and accepting the fact that I can't do it all! The little ones are now one and two and they take up 99% of my attention! But the little bit of time I do have left to work I am very excited about! Public relations and branding are my passion...but I know it will still be there when my little ones get a bit older! Right now, they need me more than the world of communications! I think moms get lost in the ways of the world, the constant talk of how we can have and do it ALL!! Career, children, wife and still fit in a little "girl" time! It is hard...and if we are not careful we will crash and burn trying to be all of the "things" that the world tells us we have to be!!

So my word of advice, do what is eternal...the rest will come, it HIS timing! Until Later, C