Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Give to Receive!

Not to go Jerry McGuire on you, but I guess you could call this somewhat of a mission statement, you know...the things we think and do not say. :)

I was writing an article the other day, pro-bono of coarse, and I started questioning the work I felt I was giving away. I started numbering the organizations that I give my time to, and analyzing the time that I was spending on each. I was overwhelmed and I am ashamed to admit, a bit frustrated. Being completely honest with you, I was actually questioning why I was giving away so much work when it hit me...I had lost perspective.

I then started to tally the clients, associates and friends that I had met while giving back and it was made clear to me that we simply must give to receive. In this world, everyone wants something for nothing. But what about the company that gives knowing full well that they may wait years before receiving? That's who I want to hire, and that is the philosophy that I want Crescendo to emulate. It's not always about collecting the high monthly retainer, its about retaining the client by customizing packages that are affordable for all budgets and providing service that produces results. Our clients are our biggest advocates and the last thing I want mine to say is, "They sent me and invoice and that's all I got!"

Actions speak louder than words, and what better way to prove this than to put your company into action...regardless of the pay off!