Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Orange You Glad?

I had a pedi today too! Gift card....woo hoo!!
I love orange. It's a happy color, the happiest color according to Frank Sinatra. Other than the fact that I am sporting orange, here are a few reasons I am feeling happy today:

1. I am wearing shorts in January.
2. I spent the afternoon with an amazing friend who is beating breast cancer. God is so good.
3. I finally used my gift card and got a pedicure!!!!!! It was bliss.
4. I am taking a "business" trip with my husband on Sunday to Vegas for a week.
5. My four y/o starts T-Ball today, so stinking cute.

So....what do you have to be happy about today?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I was so thrilled to have the kick off party for Lavish Runway Show at my house last night! What an amazing group of talented people. I could not be more excited about this inspirational runway show, more information to come soon I promise.

So, in effort to make the house look "lavish," I called my friend Trish for decorating advice. I know I can go to her for creative ideas that won't cost a dime. She suggested I borrow her table cloth and extra jewelry and brooches....and highlight some of my costume jewelry and fancy shoes that spend most of the time in their boxes. So that is just what I did. I was very tempted to go out and buy new table goods to go along with the emerald theme of Lavish, but I held back. Dave Ramsey would be proud for sure! I found that using what I had, and borrowing from a friend worked beautifully! In the past, I would have hit Bed Bath and Beyond without even thinking twice. Progress people, progress.

Beyond the show, and the amazingness that I know it will be, are my friends and family. They have agreed to go on this journey with me, to help me live this dream I have had for quite some time. I am so honored to have such talented people in my life. I have to give a special shout out to my husband, my biggest fan. He has been so supportive in allowing me to shoot for the stars. God is so good, and He has opened doors that only He could. I am blessed.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Awesome and Awkward Thursday-The Uniform

If I had to choose a uniform this would be it. White top, jeans, and a blazer. I mean really, what is more functional than that? Change it up with accessories and shoes, and out the door you go.

As for Awesome and Akward:

1. Two amazing new client meetings this week, God is so good!
2. I only went to the grocery store once! Avoiding it like the plague to stay on my Dave Ramsey plan.
3. FreeRide836, check out what they are doing.
4. New nail polish
5. My parents. I don't know what I would do without them.

1. Low rise pants
2. That moment when you don't know whether to say sir or ma'am.
3. Milly Vanilli.
4. Those silly FB posts saying if I get 1million likes my parents will buy me a......totally over it!
5. The following picture/out take. I mean really? What was I doing?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fear Not

Some old fear and anxiety started creeping yesterday. Parenting can be so scary.

These pictures were taken when my now 5 year old Kennedy was 7 months old. She had just survived her first major accident. Yesterday, I was taken back to that day.....and I felt the same fear all over again. I have struggled with this since the accident, and shivers go down my spine every time I replay it in my head. I blame myself, and think of how much worse it could have been.

It was March 12, 2008. She had a cold, and we were at the pediatrician's office. I changed her diaper on the exam table, and took my hand off of her to throw away the diaper. In an instant, she kicked her leg, flipped over, and fell from the table. I can still see it happening. I couldn't catch her. Up to that very moment, she hadn't even attempted to roll over. She landed flat on her back, and I was terrified. Without thinking, I scooped her up in a state of panic and screamed for the Dr. She cried right away and the Dr. came in to take a look. She instantly called an ambulance, spinning me further into panic mode. I knew an ambulance meant serious, and I was terrified.

After a cat scan and a sleepless night at the hospital, she was sent home with two skull fractures that would eventually heal on their own. Praise God. I remember crying to my mom while waiting on the results of the scan. I feared bleeding, swelling, loosing my child. I have watched friends go through the loss of a child, and had experienced three miscarriages before having this child myself. Loss is painful. I will never forget my mom asking me, "Cathy, where is your faith?" In that moment, I chose to panic, instead of trusting a God that loves her more than I could ever imagine loving her. God protected her and healed her, and for that I am forever grateful.

For months, every bang, every fall, every loud sound.....I panicked. And as I said, I still struggle with it on occasion. I have to remind myself that God is in control, I am not. I can't protect them like He can. I think mostly, I struggle with it being my fault. I think about what could have happened, and how I could have prevented the entire accident. I have to say out loud, stop the thought!!!

There is a red sign now in all of the exam rooms that reads, "Do not leave children unattended on table." Every time I take the kids to the doctor, a reminder. Yesterday, while visiting with the same Dr. that was with me that day, the story was brought up....of coarse. The nurses chimed in on how they would never forget. I began to panic again, and even had a bad dream. Today I came across Lamentations 3:57, "You came near with I called you and you said, do not fear." This was the perfect reminder that my God is bigger than my fears, and all I have to do is call when this anxiety starts to creep.

I felt led to share this story for some reason, as scary and as painful as it is for me. I think typing it out helps, and reminds me to put my faith in God, and fear not! No matter what, He is in control and only through Him, will I survive my role as mother.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Welcome Winter!

It may not be exciting to you, but I actually wore a sweater today. Oddly enough, I was in flip-flops and a tank yesterday. Welcome to Florida winter, stay as long as you like. Oh, and happy Friday everyone! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thrifted Gift

Suit: Kay Unger, THRIFTED by a friend! 
The best things in life may be free....but in my world, thrifted gifts come in second.

Here's a little backstory: A couple of months ago, I was shopping for mugs for my DIY Christmas gifts at Goodwill. I came across this very Kay Unger suit. It was flawless, and in my size.

One problem, I am on a 12 month shopping fast. I nearly cried.

I thought about how I could justify it. It could be a gift from my husband, no one would know, etc. I walked away. Struggling with passing it up, I did what every social media addict does, I posted about it on Facebook. First, to note what a big step this was for me and secondly, to let others know about this steal. I mean, if I couldn't have it....someone should!

Well little did I know, my sweet friend Trish was reading the feed! She swiped it off the rack and held onto it for my birthday. How cool is THAT? You can imagine my surprise when I tore that gift open! So as my sweet friend Ida said recently, God cares about the details. I agree, every little one. My gift list just keeps on growing, I am so very blessed.

1000 Gifts
101. Pink Clouds
102. Costumes
103. Playing with my kids
104. The warmth of the sun
105. A quiet house to myself
106. An empty day on the calendar
107. Teachers
108. MOPs
109. Uninterrupted prayer
110. Friends that pay attention
111. Thrifted gifts

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Less IS More!

New Recipe of the week courtesy of Budget Bytes
With temperatures steadily rising, I have found myself right back into cooler clothing. I am transitioning a little earlier than I wanted to....but I got to thinking, less really is more!

Less winter = More clothing options for me.
Less complaining = More happiness.
Less stuff = More appreciation for what I have.
Less grocery money = More creativity in my kitchen.
Less shopping = More uses out of my clothes.
Less me = More Him.

Oh....and on creativity in the kitchen, a small resolution I made for 2013 was to try one new recipe a week. I found a blog that has helped me get off to a GREAT start! It's called Budget Bytes and you will love it! Tonight I made chicken in peanut sauce, delish!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Notes to Self

Note to self: The next time I wear this skirt, photos should be taken before I have sat in it all day. Pardon my wrinkles.

Note to self: I can't always please everyone, nor should I expect to always be pleased by others.
People disappoint us, people talk. It hurts. Love them anyway. 

Note to self: Don't expect from others what they are not capable of giving.
People disappoint, people ignore. It hurts. Pursue them anyway.

Note to self: My security is in Christ.
He always loves, always protects, always provides.

I needed a few reminders today as you can tell. My hope is they come in handy for you as well. XO

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Dance!

My new favorite past time is finding fun spots for blog photos. Preferably spots that are vacant to avoid the awkwardness of someone seeing me set up my tripod, and asking why I am taking photos of myself. Why do I care so much about what people think??? I would certainly love to knock that one out in 2013. My answer always starts with, "you see....I have this blog." Anyway.....HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Awesome and Awkward Thursday

It's Awesome and Awkward Thursday!!! Let's start with Awesome:

1. I took a sweet MOPs mom and friend on a shopping spree this morning.
2. This article in the paper about my business expansion.
3. A Culture Rock committee meeting.
4. These new knee highs, a gift from Andrea. :)
5. I am being taken out to dinner by a friend to celebrate my birthday!!!


1. This vest/half dress keeps getting caught on my boot buckles, causing me to stumble.
2. Made eye contact with someone waving to another person and waved back.
3. Stopping off behind random grocery stores for blog photos.
4. My hair. It's growing out and apparently looks like I didn't bother to fix it, daily.
5. Seeing a raspberry seed from my green smoothie in my teeth after being out and about for hours. (Why didn't anyone tell me? I would do that for you, you know?)
6. The weather's just plain hot. Why?

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Woo Hoo New Shoes!

Leopard Print Pumps: Nine West
More so than ever...on this shopfast, I have taken note of certain staple items that I am lacking. Since shopping opportunities are slim to none this year, I have streamlined my list to include only the most important staple items, should a "gift" or opportunity arise. One of the items on my staple wish list was a pair of leopard print pumps. My husband somehow got wind of this particular wish, and presented me with these on Christmas morning! Nothing like a new pair of shoes to make you want to go hide under the mistletoe! These will go miles people....miles!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

My DIY Christmas Recap

Button Ornament: PinLavie
DIY Sharpie Mug: A Beautiful Mess
(Gift tag links listed on next photos)
Ornament box: Michaels, Free printable tags via The Pretty Blog 
Crusty Bread Recipe via Simply So Good, Bon Appetit Tag via Eat, Drink, Chic

This year, Christmas shopping was quite different for me on my spending freeze. I decided to make gifts instead of shopping. Now that all of my Christmas gifts are delivered, I can share them with you and hopefully give you some inspiration for Chrsitmas 2013!

I am happy to report that everyone LOVED their gifts, and it was fun for me too. Well, most of the time. Just being honest. I know that homemade gifts are filled with love and that is the point, but they also take a boatload of time. So my suggestion is start early to avoid late coffee filled nights in your craft room, or in my case, kitchen. Most of these ideas came from blogs I follow, and Pinterest. Searching DIY gifts gave many options and then I just chose a few projects. I will say the button ornaments, although adorable, drove me to drink. Don't worry, not that much, ha! Pinning each separate push pin in each button and filling the styrofoam ball was incredibly tedious. They were loved though! 

I bought the mugs at Goodwill for next to nothing, and then hit Marshalls to find fun teas, coffees, and chocolate dipped spoons to put inside. I also found the kitchen towel packs to wrap the bread in at Marshalls. 

Being totally transparent, this is the first year in a long time that we have paid 100% cash for Christmas. That was a blessing. My husband and I have also committed to financial freedom this year, so the 12X12 Project couldn't be happening during a better time! I know that my commitment to this project, and to cutting back will bring more blessings than I can count. It already the list continues below:

1000 Gifts
76. Paper bags crinkling
77. Candles burning
78. Fireplaces
79. Mountain Air
80. Sunsets 
81. Birds singing
82. Hot apple cider
83. Pine cones
84. Fuzzy socks
85. Warm hats
86. Cuddling
87. Little ones asleep on my lap
88. Hikes
89. Waterfalls
90. The forest
91. Nature trails
92. The mountains
93. Bacon frying
94. Mom's cooking
95. Quiet time
96. Puzzles
97. Family game nights
98. Hot apple pie
99. Roadtrips
100. Sunrises over the mountains

Monday, January 07, 2013

Hi There

I'm back! Blue Ridge, Georgia was beautiful! We stayed in a beautiful cabin, enjoyed yummy food, took a train ride, hiked to a waterfall, and cuddled by the fire. I absolutely LOVE this week with my family. A time to just do nothing, and to spend uninterrupted time together. I turned another year older on New Years Eve, and I am welcoming 37 with a smile. 2013 is going to be a GREAT year!

My oufit today was inspired by this Pinterest pin. I don't own a long flowy dress, so I improvised with a long flowy skirt. I think it turned out well. I wish you all a very happy New Year, I am looking forward to getting back into my groove.