Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Out of the Blue

This post comes out of the blue, from the depths of what I call "Camp Cathy". Also known as summertime, when I have my children at home with me full time. So far everyone has made it unscathed to July 9th. Five weeks, nine days to go. Yes I am counting, and NO I do not feel guilty.

Time for blogging has been replaced with taking advantage of the free movies at our local theater, trips to the YMCA, breaking up numerous fights, swimming until we have prune hands, getting someone a snack at least 50 times throughout the day, playing games, making crafts, and watching enough kids on demand to make my head spin. Cute outfits have been replaced with workout wear as I take full advantage of the 2 hour maximum child care at the YMCA. It's crucial, trust me. In effort to wear them out and keep them busy, I have worn myself out.

Aside from running Camp Cathy, I am also attempting to work from home which is no easy feat. Even though I know that I will never regret the sacrifice I am making now, the days are long. Before I had the two littles I was working full time as a single mom of two, and I would covet the stay at home moms. I would like to go back in time and high five them all now. I had no idea how hard it would be. I am blessed to have a ton of fun with my kids, but there is a ton of stress that goes along with that too. 

Although this is a lot of venting and complaining, I am grateful. I did get a break away with my husband to beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Those five days were bliss, and what a treat it was to relax. Full time work will always be there, and I am certain whatever God has for me when my children are older will be ready and waiting for me. Until then it's love, pray, play, work, eat, sleep and repeat. 

Virtual high five to all moms.....we've got this!