Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Posting Delay Explanation!

Sorry for the delay! Things are busy here at Hayes Communications and with the Hayes family in general! I am experimenting to try and find out just how many children I can have and still run my business. With that said...I am pregnant again! Kaine Michael Hayes will bring the child number up to FOUR!!! Six months along now so now you know the reason behind my lack of postings!

There is definitely something to be said for working mothers! Our jobs are so important at home. Raising our children is the MOST important job we will ever do! Although when we love our jobs outside the role of mother...sometimes it is hard to find proper balance. The advice I have is to put family first always, and everything else will fall into place! Also schedule and organize your life. I don't care how many sticky notes, calendar requests, bulletin boards it takes. Do what ever works for you to make sure that you have some sanity left. I actually have created a schedule for everything including a weekly menu, laundry time, work time, time to read my bible, time to spend with the kids, time with my girlfriends, date nights with my husband etc. This helps to keep things somewhat organized while trying to work and keep my family functioning! Keep in mind...plan your schedule at the fist of each week, with children involved in activities, etc. schedules typically change from week to week!

Now I am going to go take my own advice and stay on task!!!!