Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Day 3 of 31-October Dress Project

The Dress: Flower: Fancy Flea Chick, Shoes: Nicole Miller, Bangles: Mixed 

My sweet friend Andrea, Star of Halloween Wars on Food Network, with her family

Fans that came to the premier party!

Left: My best friend A! Right: Sweet friend L!

Decor and details for the party were adorable!!!

Favorite musicians! George and Lemay

What I really wore on day 3 to the beach! At least I am honest!
I took a pass, and wore day 3 on the evening of day 2, so that I wouldn't have to wear the dress to the beach. There is NO way my dress is beach appropriate, and I couldn't take a chance of ruining it. What a great week celebrating Andrea! Her premier party, followed by a trip to the beach for her birthday. It was a PERFECT day, except for the flat tire...now that was an adventure, but we got help from the Road Ranger and were back on our way in no time! Sunning, laughing, and enjoying dinner at sunset-it doesn't get much better that that!

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