Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 26: Wowzers What a Day!

The Dress, Top: matty m., Vest: Target, Booties: Sam Edelman

Ring: Stella & Dot, aka the satellite dish
All I can say is wowzers what a day! I have been doing last minute media pitches for a client of mine, working on preparing a media plan for a local triathlon and jazz festival, and reviewing website copy and a commercial for another client. Oh, and I left out my haircut in between...thank you are a lifesaver! My children are only part time at their preschool so I flew in to get them, as I was running late due to my active morning. I remembered while walking out that my husband had dropped them off for me and I had to grab two car seats along with my two toddlers and try to make it out to the car. It was kind of funny because it took a team effort to make this happen as the director of the school offered to come out with me to the car, thank you Carrie! So I get to the car and there is another sweet mom offering to fasten in the other car seat while I was working on one. This sounds silly, but with the crazy morning I had, just that extra little help touched my heart! Talk about showing Jesus to someone....that's what those ladies were doing right at that moment and they probably didn't even know it! Now on to my second job: House Chef!

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