Monday, February 14, 2011

14/30-I Heart Valentines Day!

Just a few of my favorite things! But most favorite of all was my day! My husband planned the whole surprise! He took the day off, we dropped the kids at school and then the took me for coffee! We had couples massages, then lunch. After lunch we had mani/pedis. I got bold and went RED with the new gel polish that won't chip! :) I haven't had red nails since pre-kiddos! They always chip so I pass! Tonight the family came over for a steak dinner and yummy desserts! As for the outfit, I wore this before, but I threw on the scarf and belt to remix! Scarf: Loft, Belt: J. Crew. I hope you all had a beautiful day with the ones that you love! Now...on to the main attraction! ;)

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