Saturday, February 12, 2011


This weekend I did someting eternal. I invested in my marriage by attending the Art of Marriage conference at our church, a Family Life event. My marriage has not been the pretty picture that I had painted in my mind. We have been through some very tough situations that I won't elaborate on. I have been hurt, and that's all I have to say about that. It has been some time now, and I realized today, that as much as I was skating through life holding it together for everyone else, I have been harbouring some massive bitterness towards the hubs. I also realized that giving it over is a process, that I have to work on daily. Love is a choice, I think we are all given so many worldly examples of what love is supposed to be that we forget the Godly examples. When times get tough, the world says, ditch him...he's a looser. God says, with my can forgive and with two willing and open hearts, I can make your marriage stronger than ever. I'm going to go with God's way. I know I will fail at times, but I trust in Him. I feel lucky today, to have a husband that realizes his faults and is willing to let God work through him. After all of the hurt, I am blessed.

On to the outfit...the belt trick is courtesy of Sydney's tutorial! I have a girl crush on her...for those of you who may be dismayed...a girl crush does NOT mean that you swing that way...but that you totally admire and adore her! Top & Belt: J.Crew,  Cardigan: Target, Pants: Victoria's Secret, Shoes, Nine West (nude pumps but you can't see them), Necklace, Vintage: My Mum-Mum's, Watch: Michael Kors.

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