Monday, November 08, 2010

Day 8: Out With the New, In With the Vintage!

My Grana, full of life, and very spunky. Such a fun lady and so willing to serve. I can remember spending time with her over the summer as a child. She had our weeks packed with a full agenda ranging from time at Disney, to my favorite pastime...even then, the mall! I remember riding along with her to make Meals on Wheels deliveries and meeting many of her friends. She was always helping others.

Grana now suffers from Alzheimers. Last week was very sad. When my mom called, I could hear her tears through the phone. She had to move my Grana down to full assisted living. She will now be sharing what feels like a hospital room with a roomate. Mom was faced with the task of going through all of her things and trying to use what she could to make her new room feel like home.

Last night at our Sunday night family dinner, mom let me go through a box of Grana's vintage costume jewelry. I was ecstatic! As I weeded through the box of mix-matched clip on earrings and quite a few treasures, I could still smell her perfume on her necklaces. I began to think about Grana, where she went wearing this jewelry and what stories it could tell. I began to think of this not as a box of fun vintage accessories, but memories of my Grana. How cool it is to now have her pieces to style with! I will think of her each time I wear a piece!

Day 8:
Black dress
Vintage inspired ivory dress, Francessa's West Palm Beach
Granny booties, Nine West
Cameo ring, Saks
Vintage black glass beaded necklaces, My Grana
Vintage pearl hair comb, My Grana
Vintage bag, Greenflea Fleamarket, NYC

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puredisco76 said...

Lovely post, Cathy. Cherish [and write down!] each memory you have of her. I am sorry to hear of her failing health. I love the thought you had of the jewelry and experiences she had wearing them. If those jewels could only tell their story.