Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 11: Thankful

My husband came home from his Wingman group at church last night and told me a story I just have to share! There is a gentleman that recently started attending, and it was his 46th birthday yesterday. Michael gave him a Wingman button down shirt, and he said he couldn't even describe the happiness on his face. The gentleman proceeded to tell Michael that this was the first button down shirt he has ever owned. He's 46 years old! He even had to ask what the two extra buttons were for on the inside, he said he couldn't figure out what they went with. It's the little things right? As tired as I am of this I am EXTRA thankful for it! Thank you to a God that provides.

Day 11:
Black dress
Black lace Kenar top: Marshalls
Black glitter belt, J. Crew
Shoes, BCBG
Michele Watch w/hot pink patent leather band
Silver link bracelet: My Grana
Lavender ice cocktail ring: David Yurman
Vintage sliver clutch, antique shop

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