Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 20 & 21

What a busy weekend! I am super excited to tell you about the many adventures of my dress! On Saturday Leanna had a soccer game, so I just put a T-Shirt over top and threw on my Keds. That night we went to the Mercy Me concert where we had backstage passes courtesy of Mike Scheuchzer, my elementary school classmate and guitar player in the band! (See photo, and I am not sure which band member is peeking through, HA!) It was so cool to see him and meet the band. They are awesome! I am convinced Bart, the lead singer, has a perma-grin, he is always smiling! As a bonus, Mike's mom was there!!! She was my art teacher throughout elementary school! I just LOVE her!

Today was church, column writing for Lakeland Local, and dinner at Mom's. I am now mentally preparing for a full WEEK with all four children at home to drive me nuts! I don't know how much blogging I will get done! I am also a bit challenged with the dress, as I will be very casual all week! I will have to be pretty creative to tone it down for a week with the kiddos! Only NINE more days to go!!!

Day 20:
Black dress
Lavender ruffle top, Loft
Black belt: Target
Black tights
Black booties, NM Last Call
Black hat, Marshalls
Jewelry, Stella & Dot

Day 21:
Black dress
Green Sweater, Loft
Brooch: My Grana's
Black heels: Nine West
Jewelry: David Yurman
Silver Vintage Clutch: Antique Shop
3-yr-old: Cathy & Michael Hayes

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