Sunday, November 07, 2010

Day 7: Right Place, Right Time!

Even when I don't know where I need to be, God does. Today was one of those days. Since my husband started teaching a men's bible study on Sunday mornings, I have been struggling with where I belong after our 9:30am church service. Being without him, I feel very out of place in a couples class. I tried another class and I still feel that is not where I need to be.

As unsettled as I was today, I took my bible and hoped something would happen to direct me. Then through His divine guidance, I was blessed to meet up with two awesome ladies to talk about life, battles, ministry goals, and most importantly, God's word. It was refreshing and uplifting. The best part was, I got my answer! God just said come, and I will do the rest! Sometimes, we are just looking too hard for the right fit, when all we have to do is look to Him!

Day 7:
Black dress
Floral jacket: Ann Taylor
Black belt: Banana Republic
Black tights: Marshalls
Black booties: Tahari
Vintage silver clutch: Antique Store
Bloom flower ring: Stella & Dot
Charm necklace, Stella & Dot


Shannon Williams said...

Thanks for that reminder Kathy. When I left FBC 2 years ago, one of the biggest reasons that I left was because I felt that I just didn't fit in. My husband is not a believer so going to church alone has always been tough. Attending couples classes can leave you empty because everything is geared towards couples. I got similar feelings at Victory Lakeside, which is where I have been since leaving FBC. I have also been feeling lately that I need to trust God and remember why I go to worship! this look :)

Cathy said...

Thanks for sharing Shannon! So nice to hear from you!! You are so right!!!