Monday, August 15, 2011

It's A Process

Top & Shorts: Banana Republic, Shoes: Target, Bag: Kate Spade,
 Jewelry: Stella & Dot, Watch: Michael Kors

It's a process, doing what we should instead of what we want. I think we all fail in this at times. I know I do. Searching for some balance in my life, last week I prayed and prayed and felt God telling me to resign from a women's volunteer organization in my town. I am way involved, and never say this was very difficult for me. I even went to my first meeting and left sweating thinking about the responsibility of the VP position they were placing me in. So, I woke early last Thrusday morning and typed the email resignation even though I was still secretly worried to, "let go".  The problem is I want to do everything, and I just can't. My family suffers for it and then no one is happy. So this time I just did it, I quit. That may not seem like a very big thing, but it was for me. I could feel the weight being lifted off of my chest as soon as I hit send. So I am hoping that this small step in the process, will be a HUGE blessing for my family! I don't know what I will have to give up next, but trust I will be blogging about it! :)

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Leslie said...

Way to go Cathy. It is so difficult to say no, as women/moms/volunteers we never want to let anyone down. Kudos to you for putting your precious family first. I know your organization will respect you even more!