Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thrifted Gift

Suit: Kay Unger, THRIFTED by a friend! 
The best things in life may be free....but in my world, thrifted gifts come in second.

Here's a little backstory: A couple of months ago, I was shopping for mugs for my DIY Christmas gifts at Goodwill. I came across this very Kay Unger suit. It was flawless, and in my size.

One problem, I am on a 12 month shopping fast. I nearly cried.

I thought about how I could justify it. It could be a gift from my husband, no one would know, etc. I walked away. Struggling with passing it up, I did what every social media addict does, I posted about it on Facebook. First, to note what a big step this was for me and secondly, to let others know about this steal. I mean, if I couldn't have it....someone should!

Well little did I know, my sweet friend Trish was reading the feed! She swiped it off the rack and held onto it for my birthday. How cool is THAT? You can imagine my surprise when I tore that gift open! So as my sweet friend Ida said recently, God cares about the details. I agree, every little one. My gift list just keeps on growing, I am so very blessed.

1000 Gifts
101. Pink Clouds
102. Costumes
103. Playing with my kids
104. The warmth of the sun
105. A quiet house to myself
106. An empty day on the calendar
107. Teachers
108. MOPs
109. Uninterrupted prayer
110. Friends that pay attention
111. Thrifted gifts

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