Tuesday, January 08, 2013

My DIY Christmas Recap

Button Ornament: PinLavie
DIY Sharpie Mug: A Beautiful Mess
(Gift tag links listed on next photos)
Ornament box: Michaels, Free printable tags via The Pretty Blog 
Crusty Bread Recipe via Simply So Good, Bon Appetit Tag via Eat, Drink, Chic

This year, Christmas shopping was quite different for me on my spending freeze. I decided to make gifts instead of shopping. Now that all of my Christmas gifts are delivered, I can share them with you and hopefully give you some inspiration for Chrsitmas 2013!

I am happy to report that everyone LOVED their gifts, and it was fun for me too. Well, most of the time. Just being honest. I know that homemade gifts are filled with love and that is the point, but they also take a boatload of time. So my suggestion is start early to avoid late coffee filled nights in your craft room, or in my case, kitchen. Most of these ideas came from blogs I follow, and Pinterest. Searching DIY gifts gave many options and then I just chose a few projects. I will say the button ornaments, although adorable, drove me to drink. Don't worry, not that much, ha! Pinning each separate push pin in each button and filling the styrofoam ball was incredibly tedious. They were loved though! 

I bought the mugs at Goodwill for next to nothing, and then hit Marshalls to find fun teas, coffees, and chocolate dipped spoons to put inside. I also found the kitchen towel packs to wrap the bread in at Marshalls. 

Being totally transparent, this is the first year in a long time that we have paid 100% cash for Christmas. That was a blessing. My husband and I have also committed to financial freedom this year, so the 12X12 Project couldn't be happening during a better time! I know that my commitment to this project, and to cutting back will bring more blessings than I can count. It already is....as the list continues below:

1000 Gifts
76. Paper bags crinkling
77. Candles burning
78. Fireplaces
79. Mountain Air
80. Sunsets 
81. Birds singing
82. Hot apple cider
83. Pine cones
84. Fuzzy socks
85. Warm hats
86. Cuddling
87. Little ones asleep on my lap
88. Hikes
89. Waterfalls
90. The forest
91. Nature trails
92. The mountains
93. Bacon frying
94. Mom's cooking
95. Quiet time
96. Puzzles
97. Family game nights
98. Hot apple pie
99. Roadtrips
100. Sunrises over the mountains

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