Thursday, January 10, 2013

Awesome and Awkward Thursday

It's Awesome and Awkward Thursday!!! Let's start with Awesome:

1. I took a sweet MOPs mom and friend on a shopping spree this morning.
2. This article in the paper about my business expansion.
3. A Culture Rock committee meeting.
4. These new knee highs, a gift from Andrea. :)
5. I am being taken out to dinner by a friend to celebrate my birthday!!!


1. This vest/half dress keeps getting caught on my boot buckles, causing me to stumble.
2. Made eye contact with someone waving to another person and waved back.
3. Stopping off behind random grocery stores for blog photos.
4. My hair. It's growing out and apparently looks like I didn't bother to fix it, daily.
5. Seeing a raspberry seed from my green smoothie in my teeth after being out and about for hours. (Why didn't anyone tell me? I would do that for you, you know?)
6. The weather's just plain hot. Why?

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