Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I was so thrilled to have the kick off party for Lavish Runway Show at my house last night! What an amazing group of talented people. I could not be more excited about this inspirational runway show, more information to come soon I promise.

So, in effort to make the house look "lavish," I called my friend Trish for decorating advice. I know I can go to her for creative ideas that won't cost a dime. She suggested I borrow her table cloth and extra jewelry and brooches....and highlight some of my costume jewelry and fancy shoes that spend most of the time in their boxes. So that is just what I did. I was very tempted to go out and buy new table goods to go along with the emerald theme of Lavish, but I held back. Dave Ramsey would be proud for sure! I found that using what I had, and borrowing from a friend worked beautifully! In the past, I would have hit Bed Bath and Beyond without even thinking twice. Progress people, progress.

Beyond the show, and the amazingness that I know it will be, are my friends and family. They have agreed to go on this journey with me, to help me live this dream I have had for quite some time. I am so honored to have such talented people in my life. I have to give a special shout out to my husband, my biggest fan. He has been so supportive in allowing me to shoot for the stars. God is so good, and He has opened doors that only He could. I am blessed.

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