Thursday, March 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Top: BCBG, Nordstrom Rack, Shorts: Banana Republic, Shoes: BCBG, Watch: Michele, Jewelry, Stella & Dot

My favorite part of this top, the back! I just love the romantic lines and how the fabric flows! 
I was thrilled to make a pit stop into one of my favorite shopping destinations, Nordstrom Rack, on the way home from conference last weekend! This top was by far my favorite find of the weekend. Already marked down and additional 60% off, it had my name all over it! Sometimes I feel silly to walk straight to the clearance section, but when I sit back and think about it...unless you have endless would be silly to pay full price! I don't know what I get a kick out of more: my new items, or the deals I find! Cheers to clearance racks, and on to Awesome and Awkward!

-Telling my 3 y/o to take off the plastic princess heels and put on "sensible" shoes and having her look back at me and say: "But you aren't wearing sensible shoes."
-Stalking Ken Suarez at the produce stand after spotting the FOX 13 News van. Trying to get him to interview me like any good PR person would do! Unsucessfully, I am sad to say, as the elderly couple would not stop talking!
-The lip spasm that would NOT stop when I knew the camera was rolling at our fashion for fitness taping for True Style today. I hope my smile doesn't look like the "Chandler" smile! 

-Hello...this new top! 
-Clearance racks!! For giving me the opportunity to wear items I could NOT pay full price for! 
-Handwritten letters in the mail.
-A singing voicemail from a great friend.
-Pinterest, I am addicted.
-The last piece of Godiva chocolate I am about to indulge in!

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