Thursday, March 10, 2011

Awesome and Awkward Thursday

The best cheese ever, well carnival food that is! 

So much for fashion, comfort comes first in Dirtyville Strawberry Festival Land! Check out my 2 y/o Punky Brewster! Ha

One of our new fish, and the grand finale: St. Clements Shortcake! YUM!

-Laughing at the Pajama Jeans informercial then actually spotting someone wearing them at the Strawberry Festival.
-My 15 y/o's expression in the photo above. He thinks it's funny to look shocked in all pics.
-The fact that the carnie for the ride my kids HAD to ride was clearly drunk, or high.
-The tummy ache I got from fried wisconsin cheese.
-Winning 5, yes 5, goldfish and having to explain to the kids we just can't take them all home!

-The Strawberry Festival
-Carinval food
-People watching
-A rainy day today spent making homemade granola bars and inside picnics.
-Packing for a weekend conference, bonus: I'm going alone!!!

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