Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So Excited!

I am so excited! First, I finally have a plan in place to hold an inspirational runway show right here in my home town! It will be held in September of 2013, and my company is partnering with the Polk Theatre to make this happen. I will have more to share on this soon, so hang tight.

Second, the amazing article that Gary White with The Ledger published for The 12X12 Project!

Third, this skirt that I found several months back at Goodwill, with tags! Believe it or not, out of all shopping, I miss thrifting the most. But I have been very good, and I am learning the fun of experimenting with the many items in my closet. God really has been showing me how much I have to work with and how much I have to be thankful for. So, my list continues below, in no particular order:

1000 Gifts
17. Juicy grapefruit
18. Fresh air
19. Homemade soup simmering
20. The smell of bread baking
21. Babies being born
22. Dancing with my husband while cleaning
23. Running with a friend
24. Hand me downs

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