Saturday, November 24, 2012

Garnet & Gold

I don't do game day T-shirts, dresses, etc. I am someone who rarely watches the game, but just attends for socializing and football food. I am trying to like football though. Truth: I have the game on right now and my husband is not even home, (he went to the game.) So in his honor, I wore garnet & gold my way to support him and his favorite team, FSU.

P.S. a funny story, he washed this scarf, and shrunk it. Sick at the thought of throwing it away, I ironed it out and it is the perfect length to throw around my neck. He will be glad he is out of the dog house, and I am glad I found a way to save the scarf!

1000 Gifts (The list continues!)
36. Baking
37. Fireplaces burning
38. Cool morning runs
39. Repurposing
40. Saturday Morning Pancakes
41. Clean Sheets
42. My children's artwork
43. Story telling
44. Hot tea
45. God's grace
46. Leftovers
47. Hands that craft
48. Candle light
49. Family time
50. A night without plans

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