Monday, October 01, 2012

October Dress Project Day #1

The Dress: Loft, (clearance..whoop) This is the only shot we had time for...drama explained below.

Photo shoot gone bad: K being every so cautiously carried up the stairs by firemen.
K, J and I hanging with Robert the RN, our new BFF! 
Robert explaining to K that there is just NO way to make the post-op shoe look cute.
As you can see, she is trying hard to understand.

Day #1 started out well. I am reading a new book, and committed to my devotional time in the morning. I was feeling good. I got all four of my children off to school and headed to the lake to walk. While doing so, I dropped my car key & remote out of my spy belt. I turned around to walk the lake again, as I had no idea exactly where it may have fallen out. I still ended up with no keys, and walking a total of 7.25 miles. Mom and Dad to the rescue and I was on my way to work.

Well played satan, but you're not getting me a matter of fact, I am thankful for the extra calories burned, allowing me to eat this piece of carrot cake right now at 10pm. 

I adjusted my attitude and went to work, I actually checked quite a few things off of my to do list! After arriving home, I received an email from my 17 y/o's Algebra teacher telling me he is failing. I begin the questioning, and he begins the despising of me. I now TRULY understand and feel sorry for my parents....I don't know how they handled my teen years. 

Well played satan, but just when I thought I would loose it with one more disruption, my 3 and 5 year old rested on the couch quietly for 2 hours so that I could catch my breath. I didn't even have to ask them!

We decided to have another group photo shoot this year, and my sweet and amazingly talented friend Rachel Absher, agreed to do the honors. Everything was going perfectly well until we decided it would be fun to get in the water! Poor K sliced her foot open on something while getting out. Off to the Fire Station I went, right across the lake. As you can see they treated her well, and we ended up at Fast Track at the ER. She is going to be stitch, a not so cute post-op shoe, and some meds. 

Well played satan, but I had an amazing time laughing through a scary experience with two dear friends in an emergency room, AND there was a piece of homemade carrot cake waiting on me when I got home. 

So all in all, I am still blessed. A bit worn out, but blessed indeed. Tomorrow is a new the same dress!


Ashley Kent said...

You are amazing, I think as far as bad days did great! Hope tomorrow is better and Satan takes the hint!!!

Andrea and Allen said...

Rock on, sister!