Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 18-The 12 X 12 Project, A Year to Change The World

Thanks to my amazing, talented, super sweet photographer friend, Rachel Absher, I am sharing a few pictures from our October Dress Project photo shoot! I know I have mentioned the 12 X 12 project before, but I wanted to share the press release with you that went out this morning!


The 12 X 12 Project
A Year to Change the World

LAKELAND, FL, OCTOBER 18, 2012- A group of Lakeland mothers have decided to embark on a yearlong endeavor to live simply, purchase fairly, and tell others around them about the injustices that exist in our modern age. They feel this journey will challenge and show others that one person can make a difference. Close to 75 local ladies have already committed to the project.

Inspired by Jen Hatmaker's book "7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess," the 12X12 Project is a one-year journey to bring twelve different social justice issues to light through monthly meetings, fundraising campaigns, and by wearing the same outfit from each organization all month long. A group of the ladies kicked off the yearlong endeavor by participating in the October Dress Project, where they wear the same dress for 31 days. “This is the third year that I have participated in the October Dress Project”, said Cathy Hayes. “It inspired me to start blogging, and to be more creative with what I already have in my closet.” There are a total of 25 Lakeland moms participating in the October Dress Project this year.

The 12x12 project is a year of living intentionally. Each month the ladies will highlight specific injustices, needs, and causes. They will give their time through outreaches and hands-on activities, and they will give their voices through monthly gatherings, social media, blogging, and anywhere else they can talk about it. Each clothing item or accessory they wear will be tied to the cause for the month. For example: In October the focus is Uganda. Their dresses or accessories came from a Ugandan company that gives employment to local women.

To top it off, they are saying no to frivolous spending. They will not shop for themselves for the entire year unless it's a serious need. “It started as an idea. One that seemed quite silly and pointless in my small, full-of-doubt mind,” said Ida Mundell, co-coordinator of MOPS at First Baptist Church at the Mall. “But now God is using this, HIS idea and I am thankful that He will use someone like me to bring glory to His name.”

About the 12 X 12 Project
The 12X12 Project is a one-year endeavor to bring twelve different social justice issues to light through monthly meetings, fundraising campaigns, and wearing the same outfit/accessory from each organization, each month, for twelve months. For more information visit:

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