Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 13-Saturday Love

The Dress, Scarf: My Mum-Mum's, Necklace: Old as dirt
Shoes: Fossil (Thrifted)

With my goods from the local farmers market! 
It's day 13 and I am officially getting tired of this dress. I wanted to throw on shorts for the soccer game today SO bad it was killing me. But I washed it, put it on, and showed up completely overdressed. I am almost halfway back to my closet. Reminding myself why I am doing this makes it much easier to step into. Thinking of women here or in other countries who don't have a closet, who walk miles and miles to feed their starving babies puts it in prospective for me real quick. I am blessed. I need not one thing.

My brother joined us today for soccer and a trip to the local farmer's market for produce, lunch, and some hot beignets courtesy of the Poor Porker! This evening will be pizza and game night with my kiddos one of my very favorite friends. It sure has been a great day, I hope you have enjoyed yours!

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