Sunday, October 07, 2012

Day 7, The Candy Striper

The Dress, Top: Color Thread, Beads: Stella & Dot, Shoes: Steve Madden

As you can see, it's just me and my tripod again. I felt this outfit fit my job this week as candy striper! When naming my post I accidentally typed stripper. Glad I caught it, that would NOT have been good. The stomach bug has traveled through our home making random and odd timed appearances. Just when we thought we were all clear, we woke up to a vomiting 5 year old last night. Good times.

Truth: I only got dressed today to take my picture.

A movie, popcorn popped on the stove in coconut oil, puzzles, and a nap. That's just about it for my day. Sad to have missed church, and praying this bug gets out of my house! Hope your Sunday was germ free! :)

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