Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 29-Selfishness

It's day 29 of the dress project,  and just the beginning of a yearlong spending freeze. I am being reminded daily why the ODP and the 12X12 Project couldn't have come at a better time.

Although this is the third time I have participated in the Dress Project, this is the first time it has really hit home how selfish I have been over the years. The past two years, the ODP has been a month long freeze, and I went back to my closet really appreciating what I had, but then old spending habits took over again. I fell into the trap of buying things because I thought I couldn't live without them, I swipe my debit card without a care in the world, and I spend money on "stuff" that could be used for something so much greater.

This time, I vow to be changed beyond the 31 days. I want to believe that less really is more!

I want to be thrilled with the gifts that I have right here under this roof, and oh how many gifts I have. I want to be satisfied with less, and spend more time with those that matter. I want to be creative with family activities and date nights, finding ways to entertain without draining our bank account. The word simplify keeps coming to mind...(I can't believe I am typing this!) I pray that God gives me the strength to stay on track, and takes the selfish desires away from me so that I am fully open to the gifts that I already have. I wanted to share a song with you and just listening will make you joyful, I promise! It is time for me to look up, and keep looking up....come on my soul!

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