Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Weekend in the Woods!

My sweet childhood friends Paris and Angela

Lakeridge Winery Clermont, stopped on the way (Don't waste your time!)
Wine was NOT good! 

Alexander Springs, crystal clear water! 

Paris and I pre-nature walk

Angela and I

Nature Walk

Napping on a tree! :) 

A game of Shanghai! SO fun! 

We dined on spinach and feta omletes, chicken kabobs and yummy s'mores! 

Andrea joined the party for the last night! Yay!
What better way to bond with your girlfriends than a camping trip? I am SO glad that my best friend Angela knew what she was doing, hahaha! I pretty much just took orders, that girl knows how to camp! We had so much fun sitting by the fire, playing cards, going on walks, and just talking. I love my girlfriends and what they bring to my life. Sometimes the days just pass by with the same old same old and it is really nice to have a break from reality, although a hotel is usually involved! :) I am still trying to wash the BBQ smell out of my hair-but when I get a whiff....I just laugh at something silly that we did or said and it brings a BIG smile to my face. I love these girls....and I am so grateful to have them in my life! Have a GREAT week!

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Andrea "SweetCakes" Reed said...

...and we are thankful for you! You always bring a smile to my face, even if it's through tears:) I love you and I loved bonding with my new friends A&P! ...look what I can do!