Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Restraint

Dress and cardigan: Target: Belt: J. Crew, Shoes, Seychelles, Watch: Michele

Bag: Michael Kors

The email inbox is full today of tempting Cyber Monday sales: free shipping, 50% off, etc. I did what I am sure many are guilty of- which is fill up my shopping cart just to see the total and what a great deal I would be getting, but I couldn't complete purchase. Each year that has gone by has gotten harder and harder for us. We are very blessed, don't get me wrong, but in years past...there have been bonuses that have taken care of Christmas, whatever silly spending we did during the year, and more. Now we have no bonus, a 16 y/o that needs car insurance, toddlers who are growing out of everything, and a grocery bill that won't quit! Even though this all can seem so overwhelming- I think that the best part is that I have finally realized that it is all just stuff. I like stuff....but I CAN live without stuff! So since I didn't participate in Cyber Monday, let me live vicariously through you today....what did you buy? :)

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