Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend in Review!

JUST love this!

Lemonade infused beignet! HEAVEN! 

SO many fun goodies! 

Court and her drawer/shopping basket! Haha
Amazing yumminess! 

Dressed in the party colors as requested! Pink, silver and black!
What a full weekend! Friday night we had family night with the kids and Saturday I had a date with one of my "new mommy" friends who needed some fresh air and girl time! We went to the Fancy Flea, a vintage flea market filled with all things FAB! We traveled down to the local farmers market and enjoyed beignets and coffee at the Poor Porker-an ADORABLE traveling food cart visiting all the way from LA. The owners are super cool and I hope they stay a while-I didn't even feel like I was in Lakeland. Saturday afternoon was my daughter's soccer game, and then that evening was my friend and client's birthday "gala". SO fun with yummy food catered by Frescos and of coarse a BEAUTIFUL cake by none other than Sweetcakes. My 1/2 Marathon is ONE WEEK from today-I am super excited! I did my long run on Friday, it went well except for the awful cramp at mile 11...urggg! I am praying this doesn't happen on race day. So now your turn-what did YOU do this weekend?

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