Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!

Calypso Top Clearance! WHOOP

Lakeland Local 30 for 30 Day 22
One of hub's father's day gifts, and a gift to our marriage!

So very sorry for my delay! Summer has me completely out of whack! My oldest two just took off for Alaska for 2 weeks, so things may just slow down a TINY bit! The little two are keeping me busy outside and in the pool for most of the day, they love it and are swimming like little fish. Bonus: they take great naps! 

I had to share my steal of a deal, I wanted this top featured above but only allowed myself ONE piece of the Calypso line from Target. To my surprise- on a visit to pick up randoms, I found it on the clearance rack for $18.00! Score! This is 100% silk folks! 

The second picture is from our Lakeland Local True Style 30 for 30, posted for no other reason than I am sitting here in my bathing suit right now! You don't want pictures of that as I have put on 5lbs since my vacation last week...WTC? Translation: What The Crap?? 

The third picture is of a gift that I bought for my husband for Father's Day! Actually, it was his idea as the devotional book we got at Christmas was just plain blah. I think this is going to be a good one and it really gets us talking. The first one was about recalling funny moments or things that had happened while we were together. Helped us to see that we haven't been laughing enough together. With 4 children, jobs, and schedules, we rarely get any down time together! That time together at night really helps me, and helps building the intimacy of our marriage! Marriage is so HARD. It takes three for sure, God, husband and wife! I hope everyone is having a fabulous hump day! 

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