Thursday, June 02, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

-The scolding I got from taking my coffee into the pediatric dentist office this morning. "Mam, we don't allow liquids in the waiting area." WHAT? It's 9am!!!
-The fact that I put on work out clothes today just because I didn't have time to get dressed appropriately. A visor and tennis shoes made it even more convincing!
-My son being "that child" that all of the moms shake their heads at while he terrorized the indoor play area in the lobby.
-My hair today.
-Driving through the carline yet once again when my daughter had an after school party to attend that I forgot about.

-My nephew is graduating this weekend!
-Nordstrom sale, and this new watch band that I scored for $35.00 YAY!
-New shoes.
-An impromptu date with my husband last night.
-My first organic buying club pick up today!!!
-My and Courtney's 30 for 30 remix through Lakeland Local. Check it!
-All of YOU!!!!

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