Friday, December 30, 2011

Vacay Update

Our sweet friends are up here too! YAY! We got to hang with them today! 

Snow is totally worth a side trip for these florida peeps! 

How's this for fashion?

Lovers stroll!
We are having a ball! EXCEPT for the fact that we had to make a visit to the local walk in clinic today. My oldest son has Pneumonia. NOT good, so prayers needed. But a shot in the buttocks and 3 scripts and he should be feeling better by tomorrow, fingers crossed. Poor guy, he was sad because he thought he would ruin our time. Mom and dad stayed with him today while we took the healthy cubs out to lunch, go-karting, and to the Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride with our sweet friends pictured above. So excited because tomorrow is my birthday, and what could be better than your husband planning a day at the spa and shopping for you?? I'll tell you what, he's coming with me for two treatments at the spa, and my best friend is joining me for the mani/pedi portion! If K is feeling better tomorrow night we will have a birthday dinner at one of my favorites, the Chop House. If not- it's steaks on the grill at the cabin and I am just fine with that too! As long as I am with my family that is all that really matters to me! How are you ringing in the New Year? XXOO

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