Friday, September 30, 2011

October Dress Project

The Dress: Merona for Target, $9.08

So who would wear the same dress for 31 days? These girls! We are doing it again folks! Last year I rocked November inspired by girlfriends that participated in the October 2010 project! Why am I doing it? I tend to not appreciate my closet or utilize my accessories before heading out to shop for more. This is 31 days of using what I have to change up the look of this dress, and appreciating what's hanging in my closet that I can't wear. Finally, NO shopping! Why are others doing it? Read about it here. These photos are by the fabulous Nate Mundell. The first shots are the origninal 4 of us from last year. As you can see, we have brought along some friends! So wish me luck, I am going to need all of the encouragement I can get! I'm off now to enjoy wearing something other than "the dress" for the last time in 31 days! Cheers!

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