Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthdays and Barbeques

We took a road trip to Lady Lake on Saturday for weekend fun with the family! It was my brother's and my two little cousins' birthdays! My cousins live on a great piece of property with nothing around-dirt road and all! It was great out there, so peaceful and quiet....well all except for the noise we were making :) I missed the Tim Gunn Blogger Brilliance in Tampa, but skipping it for family was totally worth it! We had a GREAT weekend! Hope you did too! So....I am on final coutdown for my trip to Jamaica with my husband and BFF and her hubby! We leave Thursday! Can't WAIT!!!!! I really should get some packing advice from my Getaway Girl pal, Casey Wohl! Check out her blog for amazing reads of all things travel! She is a blast!

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