Friday, January 28, 2011

My New Blog Title

Starting out the new year realizing my life needed change, It came to my attention that my blog needed a name. The name that encompasses all that I do came to me this morning when I was "workin' it". I had a meeting this morning, which had to be cancelled due to the fact that my little ones are home very sick. After almost 2 weeks of the lingering cough, I took them to Dr. E. Normally he tells me I am overreacting, it's just a cold, go home. Yesterday, he says: Don't freak...but Kennedy has pneumonia, and Kade is the lucky winner of an ear infection. Five minutes after we got home, I saw the elementary school on the caller id box. I knew what I would hear on the other end, and I was right! Mrs. Hayes, Leanna has a fever, can you come pick her up? So I franticallly called my mother to come to the rescue. So 3 out of 4 kids home. Sick. The 4th and well child was excited all day about a mother son date night that I had planned for just the two of us. I couldn't cancel, and I didn't. Hubs walks in from work and takes over and we were off! Great time, just the two of us and it was much needed. I step in the door and realize I haven't finished the post for our weekly column. I bang that out and send it off, read with hubs for a few minutes and it's off to bed. So this morning, during my devotional time, I realized I was "workin' it". I had to tackle my priorities, cancel my meetings, and love on my sick babies. So what does it mean to "work it"? My translation: Focusing on what is most important, trusting that God will work it out! My life, in all my a job! So with the strength only He can give, I plan to "work it" one way or another! And because I love it, I will be workin' my wardrobe as well!

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