Thursday, April 04, 2013


I believe this 100%. During this time in our lives when we can't see the future, my eyes have been opened further to all of the things I have to be thankful for. The struggles in our marriage, my shopping fast and budget cuts, and my husband's current unemployment all have changed my perspective.

Yesterday was rough. My oldest had his wisdom teeth removed and it did not go very well. After feeling rushed out of the recovery room, he got very sick. I pulled into Smoothie King, which my friend owns. Luckily another friend of mine was walking out of the door, and I frantically called to him for help. They handed us towels, supplies, and even a smoothie to get something on his stomach. I couldn't be more thankful for that, those helping hands. As I mentioned in a previous post, we don't have my husband's company car any I was driving my son's car at the time. Do you think a teenage boy keeps napkins or anything in his car? Of coarse not. So we got cleaned up and went on our way.

Arriving home I had a mess to clean up in the car, and a very sick boy on my hands. A friend sent me a text and told me she was bringing dinner. I cried. I felt so loved, and so comforted just by that gesture alone. Jesus was showing himself to me through my friends yesterday, and I was overwhelmed.

Even with all of the crazy, scary, not so fun things happening in my life right now, I felt at peace. I go back to some of my posts complaining about letting things go, not shopping, blah, blah.....and I finally realize why I am on this journey. God is shaping me for something better. He wants me to know love like I have never known, and to trust him like I never have before. I could not feel more blessed.

1000 Gifts Continued:
174. The smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen
175. Helping hands
176. Hot meals from sweet friends
177. Days spent at home
178. Caring for sick children
179. Indescribable peace
180. Love amplified

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