Monday, April 08, 2013

Big Gifts

I have always heard people say when God gives, He gives BIG. I am a believer of that now more than ever. I've been through periods in my life when I thought only bad news was coming my way. I think I may have noticed the small blessings, but I wasn't truly aware of them because I was suffering so much pain.

After only two weeks, my husband was offered a job, and he started today. He didn't even call his new employer, who happens to be his largest customer. Only God. They called him, they believe in him. I am so proud of him and really excited, although he has a lot to learn so there will be very long days. He will also be commuting about an hour or so, which may promote a relocation in our near future. We will see how it goes, and continue to pray.

We had a great weekend, placing 2nd in our categories at a local triathlon. Our trophies read 3rd place because there was a mix up on the timing. And to top it off I received another HUGE blessing last Friday that I will be able to announce later this week. It is a surprise for my daughter, so I have to keep it a surprise for you too! God gives big. My cup overflows.

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