Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Party Time

I love a party! Especially with my kiddos. I sure do miss this with the older ones. Tomorrow I will be partying down with my Kindergartener.

This has been a busy house this month, has yours? My 11-year-old said in tears on the way to dance, "Mom, we are always rushing around." WOW! That hit me. She is right, and it makes me sad. I love to do for others, volunteer, bake, decorate, wrap, visit, attend parties, etc. But I don't slow down. 

So I ask the question, what are we missing in our holiday hurry? 

Peace, love, joy? Isn't that what Christmas is about anyway? 

So I am going to stop rushing, and plan for peace. I will quit wrapping and start loving. I will slow down, and start experiencing real joy! Speaking of joy, the gift list continues below. :) 

1000 Gifts
61. Tiny fingerprint smudges on clean glass
62. Pot luck brunches
63. Air conditioning
64. Toddler questions
65. Bedtime
66. When littles sneak in my bed at sunrise
67. The smell of freshly washed hair on little heads
68. Little voices singing
69. Snoring little boy
70. A Kindergartner's journal
71. Christmas gifts made by little hands
72. Haircuts
73. Coloring
74. Being read to
75. Christmas cards displayed

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