Thursday, December 13, 2012

Awesome and Awkward Thursday

I haven't participated in Awesome and Awkward in quite a while, so I thought I would bring it back due to the amount of good content I have to share.

1. We have almost raised enough money to build a well for an ENTIRE village through The 12X12 Project! Seriously, like less than $900 away from our $5000 goal!
2. My little boy performed in his second Christmas concert this morning.
3. My husband finally returns from a business trip today, thank goodness I need a BREAK!
4. Work is going REALLY well and I have a huge announcement to make come January.
5. The pantone color of 2013 is emerald!! WOO HOO!

1. My hair is growing out, and I have a mullet. Can't wait for my trim tomorrow, she better work some magic.
2. A little old lady had to ask me if I needed help getting up, as she saw me struggling coming up from the bottom shelf at Hobby Lobby. Darn you jump squats!!!!! #totesawk!
3. I only put mascara on one eye yesterday.
4. Neighbors staring at me while I take pictures of myself in front of my house.
5. My three year old told his teacher that my husband and I drink lots of beer. What???? Ha.
6. My legs resemble Big Bird in these tights.

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