Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Happenings

A Friday bridge run in Clearwater Beach, followed by sun sitting of coarse! 

Saturday Cuban lunch at Cuban Cafe! DELISH

Sported my Mary Janes to church on Sunday
Well, I started my weekend off by ditching work Friday and spending a day at the beach with my friend. A nice run, followed by lettuce wraps and these delicious no bake energy bites, but I made mine with craisins and raisins instead of the chocolate chips. They really are yummy. Saturday was great. We watched our daughter's soccer game and enjoyed a yummy cuban sandwich and soup from one of our local favorites. Sunday was church, a nap, and Secret Keeper Girl LIVE with my daughter. So blessed to have that time with her, what an amazing event and such a great way for mom and daughter to connect! I know she left with the promise that GOD is her King...and she is His princess. It is unbelievable what labels young girls are struggling with. I am so thankful for events such as these to open the doors of communication. With so many lies in the world, it is our job to teach them the truth. That is so important to me!! So what did you do this weekend???

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