Friday, December 31, 2010

What a Happy Birthday!

What a happy day! 35 is looking pretty good so far! The hubs, kids, and I are in TN in a beautiful cabin. They took me to a pancake breakfast this morning then dropped me off at the spa! No wifi for sorry for the posting delay and lack of photos! They are soon to come!!! Tonight the plan is to put on my dress and hit the town. Well as much hitting as I can do with 4 children!! Hahaha! Over 100 Facebook messages have brightened my day, and voicemail messages from a friend in 4 different personalities really made it special! I have to say my heart is full! I wish I could stay like this, with my family and no interruptions of busy life!!! I miss home, but love the laid back, special time with my family! I am soaking it up and I could not ask for more!!!! Cheers, and Happy New Year!!!!!

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