Saturday, August 29, 2009


Reality sometimes hits you hard! Reality hit me while siting in my first born's high school orientation! With two babies 2 and under, a 3rd grader and a high schooler, I started to panic thinking about the proposal that I was working on. As a woman it is so difficult to find value in "mothering", when the world is telling us we have to be successful professionally! It is a lot of pressure! Since my daugher was born two years ago I have continued to take on more projects even though I had ANOTHER baby 8 months ago! When I started thinking about all of my responsiblities I almost started hyperventalating! I could have had a full blown panic attack right there in the high school gym. It was then that I decided I was going to have to back out of some projects and focus on who needs me MOST! I have been straining to find this work/family balance but I can't find the balance because I continue to take on TOO MUCH! With that said, with much continued prayer...I have decided to slow it down. Work will always be kids won't! They will be grown and gone before I know it and the most important job is training them to live in this world. I pray that God gives me the strength I need to be a good role model for them. Who cares what the world thinks, I am shaping lives right here in this house and THAT IS ENOUGH!!

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