Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Computer Issues and Dell is HORRIBLE

Okay it has been a week now since my initial call to Dell to report the issues with my PC. I was told that a Technician would be calling to schedule service in one to two business days. Well that never happened. I am STILL waiting. No calls, no updates, NO NOTHING! I have never received such horrible customer service! I have called once a day, for a week and each call has lasted no less than 45 minutes. Transferred and transferred until I get to the person that tells me someone will contact me within 2 days. With that said..I recommend that you never buy a Dell.

As far as working, I can't do anything and if this has taught me anything it is to save your most important and most used documents to another drive! I can't describe how paralyzed I feel without my files! But onward I march...with no files...and no working desktop! I can't wait until Christmas! Santa is bringing me a MAC!!!


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

I didn't know customer service existed anymore! Hope everything will get resolved.

Cathy Hayes said...

I know! It is really sad! Thanks!!!