Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Meanwhile in Florida.....

Tank tops, skirts, and sandals.....why not when its 80 degrees outside? What's next, laying out by the pool on Christmas? I suppose the good news is I have no new winter clothes and with this weather, I don't really need them.

I am learning a lot about living in the moment right now. After going through trials, it is hard for me to stop living with a "what's going to happen next" mentality. God is showing me to trust Him, enjoy the good He is blessing us with in the now, and not get caught up in what's coming next. He will be there, just as He has always been. So, I am going to embrace the warm weather with a smile-and pray for a cool breeze until it comes. Oh, and northern friends-I will be living vicariously through your photos of layers so keep posting!

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